How to Unlock V Route in Mystic Messenger

By | June 19, 2020

This article gives a walkthrough of V route, which is only accessible Another Story, the new mode added in the September 2017 update.

The V course walks off on Day 5, which means you’ll need to get followed our instructions on the way to get on V’s route in Mystic Messenger’s Another Story manner. It could be considered spoiler material, so you might need to take a look at our V path Another Story chat occasions program and our page of V route Mystic Messenger tips instead.

Still here? Great. Below you’ll find a run down of the endings out there in Another Story and on V route, followed by information about the approach to reach them all. Then, following an image, you’ll hit on the V route walkthrough that was complete.

Unlock V Route in Mystic Messenger

The following Story functions identically to the other ways in that you have to successfully invite guests via email so as to unlock the End that is Good. The guests are different from those found in Casual and Deep Story, but we’ve added them to our Mystic Messenger email manual.

In addition to two bad endings in the Prologue that don’t count towards your endings tally on the profile display, you will find seven potential endings to V route, including one Bad End in the Event That You totally drop the ball together with V. We’ve recently done a little more experimentation and are pretty sure we have locked down the prerequisites for all of these:

Bad End: take part in under 30% of the chatrooms until the 4th Day branch or don’t secure enough fighter hearts to lock his path.
Regular End: reach the celebration with 0-9 opened RSVP emails.
Good End: reach the celebration with 17 or more opened RSVP emails.

V Bad Story End 1: after departure the 4th day division, pick erroneous answers (mistrust and suspect V, agree with Ray and the Saviour) through to the 7th Day branch.
V Bad Story End 2: after passing the 7th day division, select erroneous answers (be hostile to Ray and the Saviour, aggressively push your relationship with V) through into the 9th Day branch.

V Bad Relationship End 1: pass the 4th Day division, then score below 30% chat participation V on Days 5 .

V Bad Dating End 2: Duplicate the 4th Day branch, then score between 34%-50% discussion participation on Times 5 through 17, then score below 30% discussion involvement on Days 8 through 10.

Prologue Bad End 1: create the subsequent responses in the Prologue:
Just send me the document
No, I’ll just pass.
It’s not even real and I can’t bother to go there.
I do not need it. No thanks.
(Report to the police.)

Prologue Bad End 2: make the subsequent responses in the Prologue:
Only send me the document
No, I will just pass.
It’s not even real and that I can not bother to even go there.
I don’t need it. No thanks.
(Wait for him in the cafe.)

Some of these Bad Ends are spectacular! Do not forget you can use the save load feature as endings on V route accumulate, to avoid replicating the route. You will have to restart after (not counting Prologue restarts), reload your rescue four occasions, so it is going to cost you 20 HG in complete. Ensure to understand before you do so, the principles for reloading saves!

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Here’s the most efficient strategy:

  • Achieve both Prologue Bad Ends, restarting every time.
  • Proceed through the Prologue and get the generic Bad End, then restart your game and play as normal.
  • Don’t open RSVP mails (those you get following three right replies).
  • Make a manual rescue after attaining Day , then attain Bad Relationship
  • End 1.
  • Reload your save and achieve Bad Story End 1.
  • Reload your rescue and attain Bad Relationship End 2.
  • Reload your rescue, progress to the Day 7 branch point, create a second save, then reach Bad Story End 2.
  • Reload your second save, then advance to Day 11. Make a rescue, then achieve Normal End.
  • Reload your third save, open all of your RSVP mails, then achieve decent End.

The walkthrough below suggests the answers leading to V’s great end. Just as a reminder, keep in mind that you don’t need to action every chat to make it to the fantastic end — just try to hit as many as you can. Unlike the common route on days, every chat about the V route following the Day 4 division offers chances to make hearts so they are all worthwhile.

There was accessible Another Story — V route, Even though a second route will be inserted in the time of publication, in an early 2018 upgrade. Failing to interest and attempting to love another character V acquire hearts to capture the attention of a character or will result in a Bad End if you’d neglected to action talks.

Our V route walkthrough plays it safe and avoids revealing too much attention or sympathy in Ray and Rika, while also preventing the pitfalls set out in the undesirable Ends summaries above.

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